There's More To You Than You Think.

Surrounding everyone is a field of subtle luminous energy called an aura*. Upload or take a photo to see what your aura's prominent chakra energy looks like right now.

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*Your aura emanates approximately 2 feet beyond the physical body and can be altered based on internal and external changes. This questionnaire attempts to accurately assess the functionality of your chakra system (your inner energy generator) and project an approximation of what your auric field might look like in order to give you a better understanding of how your energy impacts you and those around you. Without the use of Curlian or Bio-wellness technology, we are basing the results on your written survey. This is an approximation to be used as a guide only, not as a diagnostic tool or substitute for a psychological or physical assessment.

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How organized is your desk?
Do you feel compelled to be creative?
How do you react when facing a challenge?
If you see someone in need, what do you do?
Are you social at parties?
Do you learn from your mistakes?
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How much time do you spend daydreaming?

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Your root chakra, red, is glowing.

You're confident, driven, and have a brilliant way of rooting down into stability. Though achieving your goals is a top priority, this can also make you stubborn and inflexible. Remember to throw some spontaneity in the mix; a bit of random fun can help you connect to yourself and others in a profound and magical way.

Your sacral chakra, orange, is flourishing.

You're full of curiosity, playfulness, and innovation. You're steps away from creating the next masterpiece for the world to enjoy. Be wary of becoming too obsessive with new projects; it's vital to the creative process to take time for daily maintenances. Your work will not suffer just because you took a moment to enjoy a sandwich.

Your solar plexus chakra, yellow, is lit up.

Not only do you have a deep sense of personal power, you also exhibit compassion and understanding for those around you. When left unchecked, the third chakra may cause you to be indecisive or to react with a quick temper. Honor your warrior spirit with short meditations or your favorite super foods to get back to your baseline.

Your heart chakra, green, is radiant.

You exude warmth, love, and compassion. Those around you welcome it, but there are times when you might be a little too generous and end up neglecting yourself. Remember to take solo breaks so you don't become overloaded by other people's emotions.

Your throat chakra, blue, is shining bright.

Exhibiting a healthy emotional balance, you're confident in your expression and people find you easy to talk to. With a wide open throat chakra you must be mindful with your words though, it can become easy to over-share or be critical of others. If you catch yourself in the act, turn from judgement to gratitude and find yourself returning to peace.

Your third eye chakra, purple, is strong.

You're a highly intuitive person with a deep understanding of both your physical and spiritual surroundings. You've been known to over-indulge in fantasy, which can can cause you to lose focus. Get your grounding back by taking a stroll outside or try energy healing such as Reiki or sound therapy to restore and refresh.

Your crown chakra, white, is connected.

You're open, optimistic, and fun. People naturally gravitate toward your positive energy. There are times when you can become spacy or feel ungrounded; recharge your physical body with breathing exercises or yoga to find yourself returning to that deep sense of divine connection.

There's More to You Than You Think.

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